Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Last 4!!

With the end of the Super Six stage of the playoffs - 4 teams have come out on top, 2 teams from Group 1 and 2 from Group 2..

And the semis match up is:

Sept 26: Cleveland (CLCC) vs. Oakland University (OUCC)
Sept 27: Farmington Hills (FHCC) vs. Greater Toledo Whites (GTWC)

Preview about our game with Oakland University...

We should not have been so surprised to see Oakland in the semis because the only game we lost this year was to them. But to be honest, I was NOT expecting them to be in the semis especially after GDCC (Greater Detroit - who have won the championship several times) defeated them comprehensively in the super sixes. I think what really bogs my mind and probably most of us, is the manner in which Oakland turned around and defeated Farmington Hills (who has not lost any game this season - except for the game that they forfeited to us). So that is what I think has caused the raised eyebrows. Nevertheless - the fact is Oakland is in the last four and they deserve every bit of it.

Oakland is a team with players on the 'younger' side a bit. And I know they will certainly be coming all guns blazing and somewhat with their tails up :) – and rightly so since they have beaten us. And they have obviously stepped up whenever there was a need to do so. Hence they are certainly a force to handle.
And I think that is where this contest is exciting.

With all that said, I can guarantee that every Cleveland mate is eager to get the equation right. And if there is one game that matters - this is it.

It’s hard to say what is our strength - but personally I think we have proved to be a better batting side in comparison to our bowling - but that does in no way mean we lack. Our bowling is as brutal and wise as it can get and I am thoroughly proud of it. But over the course of this season I think our batting has just been AWESOME. We enjoy fielding and will give it our best.

In this last lap it’s all about how hungry and disciplined we are, and how well we handle the pressure. We have been in this position several times before and so I think that experience will be handy.

I do feel that no matter what, we will give a good account of our self and enjoy!

Preview of the FHCC vs. GTWC game…

Farmington has played great cricket through out this season. We have not played them this year so I don’t have a direct view of their strengths. But I am sure they will be tested to their limits in the game against GTWC.

GTWC has had a slow start to the season but seem to have peaked at the right time. It took an exceptionally professional effort by us to beat them in the last of our super six games. They rattled off 240! I am certainly not boasting here but any team that can do that against out bowling attack, I believe is certainly playing good cricket.

So the stage is very well set for a good showdown between FHCC and GTWC. I wouldn’t have said this 3 weeks ago, but I think my bet would be on GTWC.

3 days to semis!

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