Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cleveland remains unbeaten..

So CLCC played the last of the play off games against Greater Toledo Whites at Beatty Park, Toledo on Sat, Sep 19.

I had to miss the game due to the ramadan fasting and since Eid Day was undecided (eventually it happened on Sunday).

We knew ahead of this game that we were through to the semis regardless of the result. With that said, at no point any of us were expecting any less focus on keeping our win column busy.

Since I was not at the ground - I dont have a lot of notes to capture and blog. But I had a chat with Ani after the game and he mentioned that it was tough long day at the office.

Here are brief scores:
Toledo White batting first made 238/10 in 40 overs (Sujay, Deepak, Devin, Viggy 2 wkts ea)
CLCC - 239/6 in 39.4 overs (Sujay 69, Viggy 55, Chandu 31, Ani 17*)



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