Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wristy or Rusty ...

Cleveland began the season with a win and made it 2 in row when we defeated Motown CC by 144 runs.

And me, I could not play the first 2 games as my parents had come visiting from India. We had a memorable time with them. It is so much fun when you have the elders around. It feels so great when you get to sit with them and take a walk down memory lane. Plus they cherish the feeling they get when they see your life from close quarters. Let me tell you phones, emails and cameras cannot replace that feeling. But as all good times have a begin and end date, parents had to return. Hope they will be back soon.

Meanwhile, did I miss the cricket field??... heck ya..!!

Its been 8 months since I played the last season and it indeed was a big break. And so there was a lot to catch up to - physically and mentally. I hit the running trails, the tennis courts and a few swims to get back to some sort of shape.

And then I went to our regular Wednesday evening practice session, where I ran into the brutal but passionate mate Nikunj (who btw is the captain of the 'midwest' team). He smilingly put me through my paces. I did get a chance to bat a few overs. I could feel the rustiness but a few good hits and it started to feel OK.

Last year, I took up the responsibility to keep wickets as we had lost the services of our regular WK. I guess I was not bad, and so this year my team is banking on me to step up and don the gloves behind the stumps. Do I need more motivation to get fit. I dont think so.

So, here is to fitness and to an injury free season...

We go into game 3 with 2 wins in a row and Game 3 is with Canton Royals @ Cleveland. Canton has been undefeated so far this season.

So it seems like a good match-up and lets see who comes up triumphant....

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