Monday, June 22, 2009

Stump View

Hello and welcome to the cricket season 2009 at Cleveland.

This season, Cleveland Cricket Club has selected two teams. One team plays in the Michigan League (MichCA) and the other plays at the Midwest Tournament.

MichCA hosts a 40 over league. with teams from MI and OH. This league has two divisions, Div1 and Div 2. Cleveland is slotted in Div 1. This division has the eight best teams from the region competing to become the Division Champion.

A 40-over game on lush green fields, a red ball and players in traditional whites, what a fantastic sight. To top it all, I am lucky to have the best view on the field (behind the stumps) . And I would like to share this view with you. Hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to the Stump View...

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