Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear Sachin

I hope and pray that this letter finds you doing well :) ...

I am writing this to thank you for being what you are and for giving me and all the followers of the game of cricket so much to be proud of. Your cricketing actions have brought cheer and joy to millions and only time will tell the impact you would have on the generations to come. But for now we - this generation- is enjoyng the pleasure of watching you 'Live'! - Thank you!

Sachin, your cricketing journey is certainly one of the most well documented stories in the history of the game. And right fully so. This is just an attempt to Thank you :)...
People speak about comparisons, and say that batsmen of this generation cannot be compared to previous generations. And some say that todays times are more batsmen friendly etc. All I can say is, yes that is all probably true but another simple truth is that no other player (in my opinion) has played under such scrutiny and intense pressure for so long - the whole nation watches/breathes along with you!

You have carried the hopes of such a huge nation on your shoulders now for over a period of 20 years. That is just incredible. And so yes, sure we cannot compare the previous generations to you. But comparisons are never apt. I have read you say the same...Each batsmen is different. And you sure are certainly unique! - So thank you for being unique.

There were times when injuries (especially the tennis elbow) seemed to be taking over and we all were slowly getting to accept that perhaps we were nearing the end of the journey. But my dear Sachin, the way you have handled that pain (and I am sure it still pains you) but the way you have worked things out speaks to the mental strength, the passion and your dedication. Thank you, for you inspire us all to carry on, in our own struggles and in our own lives. Thank you.

From the day you've made your debut to now, I have watched you along with the billions. Your guru said it perfectly, that you always try to learn new skills. And so its not a surprise that you are able to succeed. May you continue to do so.

For your humility, for your endurance, loyalty and sportsmanship, I salute you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you continue as long as you feel alright and may God bless you...

Thank you!

Humbly yours..
March 2010


  1. ekdum true! looks like he will end up playing for at least tow more world cups!


  2. yea man the greatest batsman to ever play the game