Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome 2010!

As we take a break from the cricket field, Cleveland winter is truly ON and so is 2010. I got a text from Goldy the other day, asking why I was not on the blog. And I was thinking about it, so here I am....

We are in the 'champion' mode at this time:)... but as the days fly by, I wonder what the guys are up to ... I know some are out there enjoying indoor sports, while some are making their investment in the couches and TV's count. Some in guilt of the rising waist sizes and yet there are some who are making most of the family time...whatever be the case, I hope ALL IZZ WELL!!

Party in the Club! -

We got together in November for our Club's end-of-the-season party! - it was a great evening that brought past and present members together with a DJ on deck, delicious food and tons of masti. The floor @Ford Union 420 was rocking!!! I did not carry my camera that day so I am waiting to get some pictures from that evening... I am wondering if who has some.... Goldy/Anyone?

There is catching up to do .... I hope to hear from the guys. So, COMMENT in your haal-chaal! :)

Signing off for now...

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