Monday, July 13, 2009

A win is not a win...

When you have a momentum like what we have nowadays - undefeated yet this year and with 4 excellent wins in a row - there is a greater hunger to go out in the middle and continue grounding the opponents. Add a holiday weekend break in there and the excitement grows.

So we eagerly awaited to play Farmington Cricket Club on Sunday July 12, at our home ground. Whats special about Farmington? - well this was the team that had halted our march last year, as we lost to them in the semi finals. And we dont forget such losses. Period.

So all of us were anxious to get with them and correct out the equation and settle some scores.

As for me, my wrist was still in the splint but most of the pain had subsided and I was feeling quite well. So we assessed the situation on Friday and decided that I should play. With plans to take some pain reliever just in case needed.

By Saturday night the team was all set and the match logistics - food/drinks - etc all worked to the T.

And then comes a call, that all good teams and captains dread to take, Farmington was forfeiting the game!! Reason given was lack of players on their side. Ani said he did try his best to encourage the opponent captain to play but did not work. Shahid bhai, the Chairman of the MichCA governing body also apologised on behalf of the league.

But all said and done, the game was sent to the books without a ball being played. We won but we hate such wins. We would rather play it out and earn the win rather than get such points. But life goes on and so we roll with 5 wins and sitting strong at the top of the table.

We play Troy Eagels next at Toledo on July 19...

NEW member joins our club !!! -

Ani and Pallavi were blessed with Ishaan in the early hours of July 6, 2009. And I should say Ishaan has good temparement (delayed his outcome ;-) and got his timing all set from the get picking a time that worked perfectly for pappa Ani... :)

Ishaan Khandekar born 07-06-09...
We went to see Ishaan. A cute guy with handsome looks! watchout Cleveland girls..

Congrats to the Khandekar family and we at Cleveland Club have a new member to look forward to.. :).



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